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初中英语作文—如何帮助孩子变得独立 How to Help Kids to be Independent

中小学辅导网_一对一_小班课_托管班_课外辅导补习班 www.melbournehomestaysearch.com 2019-09-25 11:15:42 来源:启达教育网

In China, being a parent means a lot of responsibilities. Most parents get used to planning all the things for their kids, such as arranging schools and even the marriage. As the overprotection from the adults, the kids lack of strong will and rely on others so much. Parents should pay attention to help the kids become independent.


Firstly, never worry about the mistakes that children may make. As they are young and full of energy, they are so eager to experience new things. The old parents always stop them to try, for avoiding getting hurt. But mistakes help them to grow up, for example, if a small kid never touch the hot pot, he will never have the idea how hot it is, no matter how many times they have been told.


Secondly, when children ask for help, just offer them little help instead of doing everything for them. When children meet problems, they will think of their parents immediately. The wise parents will guide the children to solve problems. They expect their children can learn the skills and solve the same trouble by themselves next time.



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